Thursday, May 31, 2012

King Norman's Toy Blog is open

Hi, I want to welcome you to my new project King Norman's Toys Blog.    You may know me from my original blog Crescent Star.  I have written a couple of Toy related posts that just feel out of place on Crescent Star which is focused on writing.  After some thought I have decided to test the waters of a second blog.   My hope is to work on this with a few other people so we will see what happens. 

As you can see from the photo the inspiration for the name King Norman's comes from the best toy store ever to grace the Eastridge Mall.  That would be King Norman's.  They were the best toy shop with all sorts of crazy stuff from the Pressman toys "Dick Smith Monster Make up Kit" to Bristle Blocks.  I am grateful for Plaidstallions having a picture of the old place, I haven't seen it in years but it all comes quickly back.

I will be moving some posts over from time to time and working on new ones as well, thank you for visiting.

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