Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Battlestar Galactica Radio Control Cylon Raider

RC Cylon Raider
 Here is a toy I dug out of the closet over the weekend.  I was actually surprised I still had it.  It was something of an odd ball toy for me , i was a bit young for an RC toy when I got it.  I don't really know if this was something really appreciated at the time.  But here it is in all it's Cylon glory.  There was a lot of interest in Battlestar at the time as they had a big flap over the toys shooting missiles down kids throats.  I only ever had the lame slightly pop out missile versions of the toys and this thing.   In looking at the toy there are some marks in the bottom corner that look like Toy's R Us style text.  I am not sure but the toy may have originated at one of their stores.

Radio Control Cylon Raider
Popping open the much battered box here is the carton with controller and the actual space ship.  you have pretty long RC wire antennas on both.  You sort of have to feat them back into the box every time you want to put it back.  I remember a Styrofoam cover square but that appears to be long gone.
RC cylon control
 Here is the remote with an idea of scale its not massive, i have short fingers and big hands.  its pretty old school push the button and steer via the wheel.  I remember this thing was not very tough and would only really work on the linoleum and hard wood portions of my parents house back on Fallwood.

Here is the Cylon itself with both top and bottom shots.  You can see some of my Atari collection looming in the background. Having not been a go to toy for me I think its in pretty decent shape.  I am not sure the thing actually works though.  I sort of thing it does not but I could be wrong.  It's sat for year and years so is missing a battery cover on the controller.

RC Cylon Raider
RC Cylon

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